Residential Iron Removal Filter

Raw Water from any source generally contains soluble iron in the form of ferrous bicarbonate and insoluble as ferric hydroxide. Water containing ferrous bicarbonate is clear when drawn from a tube well. But as soon as it comes in contact with air, it develops a whitish haze which on longer standing turns yellowish and then forms yellowish to reddish-brown deposits of hydrated ferric oxide, some of this deposit sticks to the side of the container and the rest sinks to the bottom. Such water is not safe for use and has discoloration with visible iron precipitates that need to be removed. We offer modernized systems for effective removal of iron in the form of Iron Removal Filters. The complete production is carried out under a strictly quality controlled process that involves the use of finest raw materials.

We are a prominent suppliers of the Iron Removal Water Purifiers. With hardness and arsenic content increasing in most residential underground water this product provide the much needed reliability in drinking water. Capable to remove metallic taste and reddish brown color, the product has a reliable performance and low maintenance cost. Plus, we have an after sales services providing the essential installation and maintenance advice. We also can arrange for the test of removal of alkalinity and manganese in hard water. Different sizes are also provided.

Industrial Iron Removal Filter Features

  • Automatic backwash controls.
  • Duplex kit to eliminate raw water bypass and system downtime.
  • Pressure differential backwash on automatic models.
  • Service Flow Rates from 0.2 to 9.8
  • Operating pressure: 200-600 kPa
  • Power supply (automatic units): 220 VAC 50Hz
  • Temperature range (water temp): 5-35°C
  • Iron removal filters are capable of 10-micron effluent water quality under normal operating conditions. Designs are based on a maximum feed water iron concentration of 2 ppm, and a manganese concentration of less than 0.5ppm.
Advantages & Applications
  • Long material life with relatively low attrition loss, a wide temperature performance range and extremely high removal efficiency
  • Removes yellow stains from clothes
  • Prevents bacteria and stomach/gastric disorder
  • Prevents corrosion & clogging of pipe line
  • Keeps Bathrooms/Kitchens clear
  • Enhance life of appliances


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